Monday, April 23, 2012

The Orient Restaurant - Hicksville

Nassau County "Dim Sum" fans are all a buzz with Fortune Wheel in Levittown as the hot spot for a great Dim Sum experience. Unfortunately, Alex and I woke up a tad late yesterday and decided to checkout Fortune Wheel at 11:40 a.m. (prime time!) The wait was insane! Lesson learned - MUST make reservations at Fortune Wheel.

Nevertheless, we refused to let go of our Dim Sum dining experience. Thus, we headed over to another packed Chinese restaurant just a town over in Behtpage called The Orient Restaurant. If you are a newbie to Dim Sum (like us) make sure to go with a group (4 or more). It's family style meets Chinese style dining. My friend Jess Chan (fitting) forewarned me of this. Lesson 2 -Lauren should listen more carefully to the young woman with the last name "Chan" when venturing out for Chinese.

As for the review... we sampled a meet dish, vegetable dish and seafood dish as we wanted to make sure to cover all the basics for you folks! All three were delicious! I especially enjoyed the shrimp roll. However, while the food lived up to expectations, the service did not. The restaurant was very loud (to be expected I suppose) and there was definitely miscommunication between the wait staff and the patrons. We left feeling very confused regarding what specific dishes we were sampling.

Additionally, we had to ask twice for Alex's coke and extra napkins. It was a bit frustrating. However, the people sitting near us who seemed to be regulars and thus, knew the dishes by heart, were extremely content and saying how much they love the restaurant. I must say, The Orient had a large variety of dishes to choose from and were efficient in carting them around table to table.

Overall, this Fortune Wheel rival restaurant receives 3.5 Mints on the Dinner Mint Scale. Orient on Urbanspoon

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