Friday, June 15, 2012

Sacramone's - East Meadow

Friendly, efficient service and delicious Italian cuisine makes this dining duo hopeful that Sacramone’s in East Meadow is here to stay. Almost lost amongst the traffic and crowded real estate on Hempstead Turnpike, this little Italian restaurant is worth the effort to find.

Alex and I started our meal off with Mama’s Old Fashion Pie – a delicious 10 inch thin crust pizza with hand cut mozzarella, virgin olive oil, basil and fresh homemade tomato sauce. I recently ventured into lower Manhattan to experience some serious slices of pizza on the NYC Pizza Tour. Let me tell ya, Sacramone’s pizza tastes like it came from Brooklyn or downtown NYC. Superb!

For his entrée, Alex ordered the Piccolo Vongole con Broccoli de Rape e Salsicci – small pasta shells served with sausage, garlic and oil. Alex said the dish was delicious! Not overly oily and the sausage was excellent. However, Alex noted that while his dish was excellent, it wasn’t quite worthy of being called “exceptional” on our rating scale. I agreed with his sentiment. I ordered one of their specials - a Sautéed Chicken Cutlet with sliced apples in apple Brandy. While very tasty and certainly satisfying, it was missing that “x” factor creating the mentality of “OMG, everyone MUST try this!” I think you’ve experienced the “x” factor before, right? Nevertheless, the entire meal was very enjoyable.

The atmosphere of Sacramone’s is plain and simple, but very clean and pleasant. One of the owners, Domenico, warmly greeted us and asked us about our dining experience, which was very much appreciated. Alex and I cannot say enough nice things about Domenico and his hardworking, friendly staff.

Overall, Sacramone’s receives 4 out of 5 Mints on the Dinner Mint Scale. DEFINITELY order the pizza! Well done!
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  1. So glad you popped up on my blog...So...I didn't even know this place existed! We will have it give it a try! I definitely want to go out to eat with you two awesome restaurant reviewers! :)Z

  2. Please do! And that would be great! Anytime!! - Lauren