Friday, June 22, 2012

SNAPS – Wantagh

With Alex catching up on some much needed rest, I decided to venture out to eat with my friend Jenna on the south shore. We headed to Snaps - a small neighborhood eatery in Wantagh serving up a HUGE selection of American bistro style fare with a twist. The atmosphere certainly didn’t wow me and the tables are a bit too close together for my liking. However, when the menu was presented to us, we were both blown away by the longggg list of options and the diverse variety of selections!

We each started off with a glass of wine. Jenna was excited to order the MOMA, Umberto Cesari. Of course, they were out! Certainly not a stellar start, which Jenna would like noted. However, we moved on to our appetizers and things began looking up. I ordered the Crispy Chicken Teriyaki Wontons served in a Thai vinaigrette with soba noodles. The chicken was crisp and seasoned well, but the overall dish lacked pizazz. Jenna ordered one of the special salads which included grilled peaches and goat cheese. She said it was delicious!

For my entrée, I selected the Pumpkin Seed Crusted Tilapia served over a bed of cranberry wild rice and roasted butternut squash sauce. The dish was nicely presented and the pumpkin seed crusted tilapia was pretty tasty. Jenna really enjoyed her salmon, which was one of the specials of the night.

The best part of the meal at Snaps? The dessert! My piping hot, Crunchy Cinnamon Churros drizzled with chocolate were absolutely scrumptious! Meanwhile, across the table, Jenna was ALL smiles as she dived into her Cannolis. If I ventured back to Snaps, I would definitely sample the Pumpkin Donut Bread Pudding… sounds amazing!

So what’s the overall review on Snaps?! While they get points for their large selection and wide variety of dishes, nothing about my meal really “WOW-ed” me. If you are in the Wantagh area and not sure where to go, it’s a solid choice. However, I wouldn’t be driving out of my way to check it out. I was tempted to give it 3.5 mints initially due to my obsession over the churros, but after further reflection and review (and keeping the prices in mind as well – not exactly cheap), Snaps receives 3 out of 5 Mints on the Dinner Mint Scale. Snaps on Urbanspoon


  1. You'll probably find that a lot at places with huge menus. Because the menu is so large, resources are stretched thin and instead of a short menu of amazing and incredible food, you'll get a long menu of "so-so" food.

  2. great food, nice staff who believes in being accountable for his place of business...what's not to like? we will definitely recommend!